Purpose Driven Life

This blog has been instrumental in my personal self discovery journey to find my purpose in life. I don’t think I am there yet but I have a feeling that I am getting very close to crystalizing the thought. It started off with the core purpose being to build a company from an early stage startup to a global company. I think a lot of entrepreneurs start off with that vision and some of them actually make it all the way to the end. However the more I spoke to people who have attained great success in all aspects of life I found that none of them had a central purpose of that was singularly driven by material acquisition. In fact the individuals I have met who have placed this purpose at the center of their lives are far from happy as to where they are today.

There was one thing I did know that I loved and it was startups. For the last 7 years I have been hacking away at startups of all types. I have assumed different roles and responsibilities, through this process I have learned about myself. What my strengths are, which areas I require assistance and most importantly learning what I really enjoyed doing on a daily basis. One of the biggest learnings personally has been that I really love what I do on a daily basis. Not only do I work on my own businesses I also assist others in getting started and helping them through the first 2 years of the business where one has to find their footing. Which has slowly brought me to what I really want to focus on as being a core purpose. It is to assist individuals find career paths & professions that bring them a similar sense of satisfaction and enjoyment as I have found in the one I have selected. I still haven’t quite articulated the way that I would like but I know I am very close.

To accelerate this I have a new startup which is currently in development called Identifii. Its core purpose is essentially to assist individuals in making more informed career decisions. It is quite remarkable how both these paths have merged. Over the last few years I have been coaching individuals but always felt constrained by the number of hours in a day. I also became a certified psychometric consultant in 2007 and that was another major factor in learning about personality types and finding appropriate career fit. All of these experiences seem to culminate at this one point where these two paths merge. None of this could have been possible without all the support I have got from my family, my awesome business partners, clients who helped me bankroll myself till date, this blog for being a place to articulate my thoughts and a little bit of luck.

If you are reading this blog and have found your central purpose in life, I would really like to hear from you.

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