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Looking Forward to 2011

The last 2 months have been the longest that this blog has gone without being updated since it’s inception almost three years ago. I remember quite vividly, sitting down three years ago, towards the end of December and thinking that I wanted to start blogging. I do believe that it has been one of the best New Year resolutions I have made in life, to date, and if anyone is thinking about resolutions for next year, starting a blog should make the top of your list. It has been a huge learning experience and has taught me so much, amongst which are the following :

1. Discipline: Being able to write on schedule, according to a date on a calendar, without any leeway for making excuses, is tough. You will find a hundred reasons daily for whether you should post, or not. Much of the time they will be fairly compelling reasons. To be able to stick it out however and not give in, builds a sense of internal discipline that will spill over to other aspects of your life.

2. Consistency: Can you actually be dedicated to something over a long period of time? For a great number of younger people, who have not really had too much worldly life experience, this is the ultimate validation that you can stick to something when you say you will.

3. Personal Branding: Today, more than ever, investors, peers, employers and just about anyone who wants to know more about you, will google you. Build a blog and take it to the top of the search ranking for your name, as well as for other topics that you share an interest for. Learn about yourself along the way, you will discover new interests, likes and dislikes. It will help you to grow and shape yourself into who you really are.

With the year coming to an end, I find much to my regret, that I have really not kept up the continuity of this blog as I envisaged and I not only should, but I do really want to! A primary reason for this irregularity is that I had a ‘vague’ goal on blog postings for this year. The first two years it was daily posting, and then, one every second day. This year it was, maybe once a week if I had time!

I know I may look back on what I am going to say next as unrealistic, but I am upping the ante and moving back to a daily posting routine in 2011. The only condition is that they may not all be long posts about specific entrepreneurship issues, they  will certainly, include, quotes, video clips and excerpts from books that I am reading. But I really want to get back to the daily posting schedule, for myself as well as for all of you ,my readers.

If any of you want me to write on specific topics, please shoot them over and I will do my best to get through them slowly.

Wishing you all the very best of luck & success in 2011!