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Why do we do what we do?

I just watched Simon Sinek’s Ted talk and was blown away. For those who have not watched it yet, please do so before reading on.

Some of my most popular posts on this website are related to finding your true calling in life. To find that ’something’ for which you can wake up every morning and feel alive. Whilst watching this talk, those posts were resonating in my head as I made sense of what the talk was all about. Finding your WHY can truly change your life! This clip got me thinking about my journey so far. Some 10 years ago, I thought knew what I was going to be…. an investment banker. It just all made perfect sense. Here was a job that offered everything anyone on the cusp of turning 18 wanted. Lots of cash, fancy cars, gadgets, the works…before you even hit 30. In a world of instant gratification it almost made no sense to think of any other path to pursue.

So I chose finance as my major in college and  thought, after 4 years I would be well on my way. During the summer before college, I got  an opportunity to work in the investment banking division of a very large player in this space. I thought this was the ultimate, yet, I quit before my first week was up, disillusioned with what I saw and heard during those few days. Something just didn’t ‘feel’ right, and the thought of doing what I saw people do everyday there, for the rest of my life, was too depressing for me. That summer, I changed majors and switched to economics and a new minor being offered, technopreneurship (A course that deals with the commercialization of new technologies). A last interesting tidbit,  upon graduating I had a chance to get back into the world of finance but turned it down to go my own way.

I was slowly discovering the WHY in my life. The reason I choose to stick to the entrepreneurship path is because it challenges me daily to push myself further and to put my neck on the line, time and time again. Having had my share of successes and failures, I realize it is not the easiest job in the world, but for me, and many others, it is certainly one of the most gratifying. Even though I have yet to find my Google or Twitter, I have several products in the wings that I am really hopeful about. You can have a sneak at one of them,  Reevolo.

p.s My blog design update is much over due. I hope to have it up soon so as to properly showcase all the projects I am working on.

p.p.s I would like to thank all my family, friends, partners, investors & mentors who have helped me reach so far. None of what I have achieved would have been possible without your support.

Quality Leads from Social Media

I am pretty sure most business owners are trying to figure out how to leverage social media to start generating leads for their business. I have been studying this space for a while,  at the same time, I have been advising and coaching several companies on strategies they could use to leverage social media in the most beneficial manner possible for them. Very recently I have partnered with Greg Digneo,  the founder of Cloud Marketing Labs, who works in the same niche, to push these strategies out to a global audience. To do this, we have put together a 30 Day Social Media Marketing Plan that will give business owners a structured plan on how to get started.

With so many options and tools at your disposal, it does become a minefield to navigate through, and many of the tools will not be ideal for the business you may be operating in. As such, the plan that we outline will touch upon basic tools we believe should form the foundational layer of any social media. This will provide business owners the ability to scale this plan according to their needs and requirements.

We are hosting a free webinar on the May 25th, 2010 which will introduce everyone to the plan and its components. After which, all registered participants will receive a copy of the plan which will enable them to start implementation right away! If this is something of interest to you or your business please register for the webinar below.

For all entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs to-be reading this blog, it is a good component to add to your existing or new marketing plans. If there is anything in particular that you want covered in this webinar, please let me know and we will do our best to include it. Look forward to seeing you all at the webinar!