Defending Yourself

Entrepreneurship is a tough business. If you start taking everything that is thrown at you, without putting up a fight, chances are that you will get steam rolled. This will happen whether you are in the right or not. The only option here is to be able to stand your ground. To do this,  several factors  need to be in place:

1. Stick to the stance you have decided to take,  no matter what. This could be in a negotiation, in a conflict or during a normal conversation. If you waiver from one opinion to another, know that you will be shot down. Defending yourself on one front is far simpler and more effective, than attempting to hold up multiple fronts.

2. Keep your words and thoughts in check. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, we may do, say or gesture something that can completely derail our position. This is another reason why it is important to defend a single front… it has a lower probability of error.

3. Being diplomatic is one thing, do not however be a push over. Often in many situations, we are placed in a difficult spot, where although we may be right, doing or saying something may easily offend someone on your team. However, when you think that  unfair advantage is being taken of a given situation, it is always better to voice your opinion  rather than creating similar opportunities for others in the future.

The odds often seem  stacked against us entrepreneurs to succeed! This means that the only people to break through will be those with maniacal focus, the ability to defend their ideas and tactics,  and work ways to keep moving forward. I personally think aggressiveness is instilled in most great entrepreneurs. Admittedly it manifests itself in different ways , depending on the personality of the person. I do believe however, that aggressiveness coupled with maniacal focus, and a strong competitive streak,  form the basis of a  basic entrepreneurship blueprint.

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