Entrepreneurship and Time

It has been an absolutely crazy first quarter. With an unending series of ups and downs, my days have been merging one into another at break neck speed. Whilst reviewing my blog history I discovered that a post such as this is repeated at least once a year when I cannot believe how quickly time is flying by. I am so very grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way and all the individuals who have supported me during this time to make it all a reality. Entrepreneurship is definitely not the easiest path to choose in life but it certainly brings in an enormous amount of satisfaction on a daily basis. Everything in life is a direct result of the actions we take on a daily basis. If we do not like what is happening around us, then the only person to blame is ourself.

This probably explains why so many entrepreneurs who have this very strong inherent competitive streak operate the way they do. We treat almost everything as a race , this is not necessarily a healthy streak, but,  it is what makes us tick and work 20 hours a day for months at a stretch. It is this very streak that very often makes us lose all  track of time and things that are happening all around us. I was asked a question today,  it was , once I achieve certain milestones or goals I have set for myself, what would I do next?  My almost immediate and spontaneous reaction was that I really would not want to do anything other than what I do today! Working with startups and small businesses, helping them grow from the ground up and often creating a laudable entity provides an immense sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

I digress. Apologies for not being able to update the blog regularly. I should be returning to a normal posting schedule in May and will be introducing many of the projects that I am currently working on to get your feedback and suggestions. I want to thank all my loyal readers  and hope to connect personally with a lot more of you and, be of assistance or find ways to work together.

p.s I am also looking for entrepreneurs who want to guest post on this blog. Please do get in touch with me at blog (at) usmansheikh.com if you are interested. Thank you!

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