What do you want to be?

Two of my most popular blog posts are on “Do what you love” and “Find your true calling“. I think the reason for this is the fact that many of us are still searching for what we want to do in life. Some of us have an idea about what we want to do, but often we are not really sure. Others are completely lost and try to make sense of the seemingly endless choices at hand. In the posts linked above I do propose some frameworks to help make the decision easier, but this still requires considerable self introspection since many people do not really know what they were born to do. So here is a quick list of what I believe should be the first couple of steps in this direction:

1. An individual must be motivated to find this answer. There are individuals who fantasize about finding the ideal passion to pursue, and then there are those who actively follow a path to assist them in assessing the path they think they want to take. Without this sense of self motivation, and a determined search for this elusive answer, it is best not to go to step number 2. If it were that simple and easy to find, and do, what you love, there would not be the inordinate number of unhappily employed people in the world today. Finding this answer is essential….it also takes effort, time and commitment.

2. Take a personality based assessment such as the MBTi. I  recommend taking the test from a reliable source, as many of the free versions are not very accurate or reliable. (If you are curious  why some tests are not reliable, read my post on psychometrics assessments)

3. Once you have taken this test, you will be grouped in one of 16 categories, which help identify your strengths and weaknesses. This should be the starting point of your personal assessment. Review these, and based on them, come up with a first list of options that you may be interested in pursuing.

4. Next, take clues from your daily life. If you do something where time just seems to fly by, and you have a great time doing it,  mark those events. Identify tasks you are able to complete with a higher degree of productivity and efficiency than other people that you know. Look around your room/house for things that you have collected or saved over the years. Connecting the dots at this level helps to activate the sub conscious, and directs us to a path with a greater level of interest.

5. Look for individuals within your circle who want to pursue similar paths, and band together with them in exploring options in greater detail. Also look for individuals with experience who have already become what you aim to be one day. This is a source of invaluable information, and provides you with first hand experience about what to expect, and what not to.

As mentioned earlier in my post, it is far easier to settle for doing something that helps pay the bills. Often when you pursue a less well trodden path you have to make sacrifices, and commit yourself to actively progressing along the path. If you do decide to follow this path you need to persevere and face the challenges that will surely come your way.  When you do succeed however, it will be well worth all the effort!

If anyone reading this wants some information on getting started down the entrepreneurship path, please do get in touch with me,  I will do my best to be of  assistance.

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