Managing Touchpoints

With the internet and technology proliferation, businesses need to manage more customer touch-points than they have ever had to before. From websites to facebook groups, to twitter, to more traditional ones such as retail outlets and sales representatives, there is a lot to manage. A while back I spoke about the need for consistency in the service we provide our customers, touch-points are specific areas which need concentration. The power of the internet and technology is a double edged sword. It gives us a huge levels of exposure, at the same time, it can be the reason for our downfall.

Customers expect more, and have the ability to switch vendors, products or services, at the drop of a hat when their expectations are not met. All this points to ensuring that a business identify each one of it’s touch points, starting from your website to the phone and email, by far some of the most visible and accessible touch points in the world today. Attach certain metrics to these touch points, and constantly ask for feedback on improving them.

Do your best to control the number of touch-points you open up to customers. If you start a facebook page, twitter profile and a blog, make sure that you have thought it through, and that necessary resources are allocated towards bringing them up to the standards of the other points. Given that first impressions are formed quickly and often strongly, do everything you can to meet and exceed potential customer expectations.

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