The Week in Review #26: Keeping key employees from quitting

Attracting top talent is hard. Hiring them is an even greater challenge. Some companies manage to pull of this miraculous feat and are faced with the toughest challenge of them all. Retaining your best people. There are countless articles, books and workshops on how companies can retain their best people. When I come across a company who does an exceptional job on retaining their best employees they usually have four things figured out. They have successfully discovered their purpose, values, customers and story.

If any of these pieces is missing, one’s ability to retain these employees becomes exceptionally difficult. The first three factors have been discussed in detail by a variety of people. It is the last component that doesn’t get the recognition it needs. When a company isn’t able to articulate their story, it loses narrative that gives people a daily doze of inspiration. A company could have a world changing purpose, however without a story it will be like an empty container.

Telling your company story A great article talking about the importance of establishing your companies story. It has a lot of advice on how to structure your story correctly and the benefits that it will have. If you are starting a company or already running one this is a very important concept to grasp.

How Adobe keeps key employees from quitting This article is about the one change that Adobe did to dramatically boost employee retention. The core takeaway from this article is that times are changing and we have to adapt. Using antiquated methods of assessing performance is not going to help us hire or retain the best people.

The Servitude Bubble Umair Haque is a great writer. I enjoy reading his pieces as he talks a lot about purpose and meaning. Both topics which interest me tremendously. This article is his take against the current deluge of on-demand companies. He takes a contrarian approach to what is considered the business model of choice these days. This was an interesting read and definitely makes you think.

The One Learning Technique That Scared The Heck Out of Bruce Lee James Altucher is back with a great post on focus and perseverance. He uses stories to get his points across very effectively and is always an entertaining read.

How to choose and hire product people Hiring people for a product role within a tech company is very challenging. Assessing whether someone has all the skills needed to be successful at the job is daunting. This post is one of the most thorough write ups on how to make a better decision.

Using Growth Stacking To Improve Your Startups Product Marketing Finding the right marketing strategy to grow your company is tough. In this article Dan Martell outlines a simple framework to help find the right steps to take to find that strategy. Comprehensive read with many examples.

You’re not a failure, you’re just failing Being an entrepreneur is hard. Most of the times things do not go as planned. Getting through those rough times is critical if we want to succeed. This is a letter written from the perspective of a founder who fought hard to make it through the tough times. Whether you are succeeding, surviving or failing this is a great read.