When did you last exercise?

“When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no “I’ll start tomorrow.” Tomorrow is disease.” ~V.L. Allineare

Next on the list of factors which contributed to falling a little under the weather was lack of exercise last month. Prior to last month, I had a pretty strict work-out regime which was actually coming along rather well. I have been traveling this last month or so, and sticking to a routine when traveling has got to be one of the most challenging things to do. I guess it comes down again to discipline, and the determination to really stick to it. Fact is, we tend to make up a lot more excuses when we have to make a slightly greater effort to exercise as compared to usual.

We are all well aware of the advantages of exercise. It keeps the mind sharper, the pounds off, increases the body’s immune and resistance systems and to top it off, can be a most effective stress reliever after a long day. To get most of these benefits we don’t have to slave away in the gym for hours on end, there are a host of simple exercises we can build into our daily routine when there is no easily accessible sports facility or a very demanding work schedule . Some that I am working on including into my daily routine are:

1. Yoga: There are several yoga exercises which can be integrated into a daily routine quite easily. I have begun doing five of them right when I get up. They focus on most of the major parts of the body and do a great a job in helping you to stretch and certainly make you more awake and alert.

2. Crunches: After the initial set of exercises, I do a couple of sets of crunches which helps keep as much excess weight of my waist as possible. It is important to do crunches correctly for them to be effective. If you are unsure about whether your technique is correct get some help from an instructor or instruction videos which can be found on the net.

3. Walking: In todays day and age we are becoming increasingly lazy. For even the smallest of hops we choose cabs or elevators. Figure out areas you could replace these habits with a brisk walk which could last a couple of minutes or a couple of flights of stairs. It helps keep the blood flowing and can even act as a boost.

The important lesson I learnt here is, no matter where you are, it is up to you to decide whether you want to exercise or not. If you value fitness and health then it is best to identify ways and mean to maintain  fitness goals, even during busy spells or vacations abroad.

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  1. imfit

    Good post, I always tell people change your lifestyle today and be rewarded tomorrow.

    I like that you take the everyday lifestyle changes because it is easier to follow and those extra calories burned will add up after a while.


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