Two Peas in a Pod

There is no better feeling than working with team members who are in unison. A team where everyone knows where they are going, and how they are going to get there. Business becomes easier, simpler and a lot more fun. Even when the going gets tough, everyone is there to support each other and get through the rough patches. It becomes an even greater joy to do what you do, and this pushes you to push yourself even harder and faster.

Do places like this even exist in this world?

I truly believe they do. It is also true that harmony within teams does not appear magically one day. It is the result of a series of ongoing acts and events. It begins with picking the right partners and team members, followed by developing a vision that is supported by everyone involved, and lastly, a continuous effort to sacrifice personal desires and needs for the benefit of the entire team and greater good. It is all about team spirit and fervor. I have had partners in the past who could not make these personal sacrifices for the team and the greater good, no matter how well we got along with each other. This led to massive gaps in our relationships, and jeopardized the ability to move forward.

Harmony in the workplace is the common responsibility of everyone on the team. The leaders must however continue working towards re-inforcing the vision and values of the business. They do not however have the ability to solely create the desired level of harmony. If you are not happy with and within your team, think of ways to start making a difference today.

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