The Grass is Always Greener

Not a day goes by when one of my friends working in a cushy job does not complain about their work and how they want to take the plunge and start their ‘own’ thing. At the same time, entrepreneurs are constantly battling the ever increasing pressures of a startup and sometimes think they need to go back to a ‘normal’ job to find balance! I find this disequilibrium fascinating.

This inner conflict felt by many, clearly proves right the age old adage that the grass is always greener on the other side! At the end of the day, we are all really looking for a greater degree of fulfillment in our lives. The angst of being stuck in a job where there is no growth or learning curve is however felt by many and very few are able to take the plunge to do something about it.

In the end, the grass will always be greener on the other side irrespective of which side you are on , what is important to understand, is that the true compass is within each one of us. What we are really looking for is a satisfactory level of fulfillment and contentment within our work. Once we find that, the grass being greener on the other side does not matter anymore.

Truth about Entrepreneurship

“Starting a company is hard, risky, painful and usually seems unfair. Starting a company that will leave a lasting mark on the world is reserved for the borderline insane or very lucky — not for those who need to be propped up with pep talks. In short, entrepreneurship is not a short cut. If you need someone to convince you that starting your own business is right for you, then it’s probably not. Going to conferences, hanging out with entrepreneurs or telling people that you’re a “start-up guy” does not put you in the category of those who put all their chips on the table to turn an idea into a reality.”

Excerpt from Entrepreneurship Today.

Marc Andreessen on Venture Capital

Marc Andreessen is another very successful serial entrepreneur that I look up to. This video compromises of him been asked some great questions about both, venture capital and entrepreneurship. If you don’t have time to watch the whole video click through on the video to watch snippets from the talk. I particularly like “Defining the Voice of a Start-up”.

Dropbox Lessons Learned

Dropbox is one of those products that I use on a daily basis. It has completely removed my need for USB sticks. This presentation goes over the starting stages of Dropbox, and then onto where they went from idea to execution. It provides a great roadmap for companies that are building products in categories that cause a fundamental shift in existing behavior.

As a side note, if you haven’t signed up for dropbox yet. Please check it out Dropbox.