Job vs Responsibility


I had an interesting discussion the other day regarding job roles and responsibilities. When we join an organization, we are recruited on the basis of how well we fit into a certain job description and the relevant organizational culture. The person with whom I was discussing this works as a marketing communication consultant. What made the conversation interesting was his talking about the lack of initiative by the management in bringing about change. He had been hired to infuse the organization with fresh insights and ideas regarding their brand. However, management shot down most of his proposals and asked him to recycle older work, basically, a brush and polish job. This obviously frustrated the new employee as he felt his skills were not being utilized to their true potential. The individual in this case was young, and brimming with enthusiasm about possibilities. He understood the difference between a job, and his responsibility. In the face of such resistance I wonder how long this optimism will last!

When I speak to individuals who are older than the person in the example above, many of them have reverted back to ignoring their responsibilities and just getting the work done in the manner the management wants. This is when complacency sets in and we give up going against the red tape , and settle for just ‘doing’ the required manner of work. I think this is such a shame and has a definitive detrimental impact on the careers of young employees who have so much to offer. From the management’s perspective , I understand there are many factors involved in maintaining a certain brand image. However, they should find creative ways to channel the enthusiasm of younger employees through other mediums to ensure their efforts are being recognized and validated.

My advice to all those currently banging their heads on how to get their messages across to management is, do not give up! It takes a lot of patience and persistence to stay rooted in your beliefs and values. However, if you continue to showcase that you have the ability to take responsibility for a job, instead of only doing what you are told, somewhere along the line someone will take notice of this and you will be rewarded.

What are some current challenges you are facing at your work place? If you were able to overcome these challenges what did you do differently? I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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