I Don’t Want to Change!


Change is hard. Change is uncomfortable. Change requires inner strength and willingness to break the status quo! Starting a new business is very challenging. It requires a level of personal commitment and courage often lacking in many people. Most importantly, it requires a deep belief in one’s own skills set and ability to deliver. This inner belief is challenged on a daily basis when you start a new business. Chances are that you will not end up doing what you initially started out to do. This route will often require having to make many painful decisions, which will result in changing focus and, at times starting anew from scratch.

The ability to change has to be an integral component of your journey to achieve excellence. Those of us who become stubborn in our ways and accept mediocrity, get stuck in a rut which becomes increasingly more difficult to get out of. We need to ride through “The Dip” as Seth Godin says if we want to achieve anything worthwhile in our lives. We not only need to ride the dips but also know when to quit those dips if we believe we do not have the skills or resources to overcome them. In the end, we need to stick to a niche or market segment and find an area to excel in and, become an authority on.

When you start your journey as an entrepreneur, you need to be mentally prepared for this. Chances are you will change many paths until you find the one you believe you have the best chance of winning at, and becoming an authority in. This does not mean that we change paths every other day, only when we sincerely believe we do not have what it takes to be #1 in what we started out to acheive.

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