Strategic Partnerships

“Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning.” Bill Gates

The world continues to become smaller as time goes by. As competition increases and products and services become commoditized, competing on price alone is a recipe for disaster. With the rampant use of the internet making an abundance of information available to customers and clients, competitive advantages become critical to a firms success. That is where strategic partnerships come into place, they enable you to create multiple barriers of entries which could be both, tangible and intangible. Usually they are developed outside your area of expertise to complement your current offerings.

However over the last 5 years of doing business I have discovered that creating these strategic partnerships succesfully is not an easy task. Having entered into such agreements without careful due diligence in the past has resulted in a fair share of frustration, brand and monetary loss. It has however now taught me some key lessons which I will share with you over the course of the next week. The process will show how to correctly identify, align and commence a successful strategic partnership.

A key factor to be kept in mind before entering into any such partnership should be, to look at the larger picture for your company or startup. Partnerships help you to scale your business effectively and efficiently if done correctly. They allow you to focus on your core expertise while you develop complementary assets around your service to give it competitive advantages. By not leveraging on them in this day and age is a mistake a lot of startup companies make. Keep your eyes peeled for any potential partners  in your segment or industry  and watch your business prosper.

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