So Close Yet So Far

I think of success as an extremely elusive term. Everyone measures it in their own particular way and we all have or own thoughts and opinions of what makes someone successful, and what doesn’t. Sometimes we think success is just around the corner, to have it slip right through our fingers. It is like a never ending chase, one which drives you to push yourself harder every waking moment. The funny thing is that when you think you have achieved a certain level of success, a new challenge presents itself and we are exposed to an entirely new dimension, one which gives a whole new perception to what we consider as success.

At every stage in our lives, we experience new discoveries and changed perceptions. It is what keeps us going, and what keeps us
hungry. The day we limit our ability to look further than we can, we essentially pull the plug on where life could potentially take us. That could be the reason why success remains such an elusive term. If we all knew a pre-determined pathway on how to get there….. would we really appreciate it for what it is?

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