Simplify your Business

Life continues to get more complicated, almost, with each passing day. We have new information channels opening up, newer ways to connect to everyone, a large number of communication mediums to respond to, and the list just keeps on getting longer. The last thing we need at this stage is another complicated product/service to get accustomed to, and integrate into our lives. We need to chunk down as much as possible and address all problems as simply as possible.

Easier said than doneā€¦.true! Feature creep is a very sneaky thing. Add a button here, add an extra layer over there and soon we have far more complicated ways of solving problems than we had originally planned for. From personal experience, keeping things simple is hard when you are launching your own product and service. One begins to add features we feel would be good for our customers, regardless of what they think.

This is where the rapid prototyping concept comes in. We need to get into the habit of releasing our products early, and follow up with iterations based on feedback. In order to do this, we are forced to strip down our product/service to make it as simple as possible. Every feature, every step, is now analyzed closely, and evaluated for whether it is absolutely essential or not. By incorporating this mode of thinking, we give ourselves a far better chance of creating a product or service that has a higher probability of success.

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