Raising Kids to be Entrepreneurs

Whilst growing up I was torn between becoming a high powered investment banker or a business owner. Looking back now, there were several signs that I would in all likelihood choose the latter, on account of  the things I enjoyed doing. For one, I started saving when I was around 10 years old. By the time I was 12, along  with some school friends, we came up with the idea to draw and create our own comic books and sell them. There were three of us,  2 of them excelled at drawing and I was the sales guy. That soon lead to us finding an opportunity to source and sell comics to other kids at school.

When I turned 15,  my grandfather introduced me to the stock market and the fundamentals of investing. Through this I learnt some valuable life lessons about making, and losing money. It helped that my father was a business owner, and conversations around the dining table were usually around related topics. Looking back now, the opportunity to be introduced to these concepts at such a young age was a great boon and boost for me. These lessons have helped me most definitively along my entrepreneurial  way.

I recently came across this Ted Talk. I could totally relate to where the speaker was coming from. This talk has some great tips and advice for parents on how they can help their kids along this life journey.

I believe the take away from this video is, that we should encourage our kids to pursue their strengths from a very young age. Whether it is playing an instrument, a sport or the drive to be a business owner. If we provide them the necessary guidance from a young age, we give them the opportunity to find their passion early in life. Additionally, mistakes made at this age are a lot cheaper than those made later on in life!

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