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February 5, 2013

Inspiring Visions

I just finished watching the latest and perhaps last episode of Kevin Roses’s Foundation series. It is a series of interviews with some of the biggest internet/technology entrepreneurs. If you are starting up or in the process of building your company I would highly recommend queuing all the interviews and watching them.

The last interview was with David Morin of Path. A mobile application which is building a personal network for our closest real world connections. What I find fascinating about entrepreneurs which are going after large goals is their view of the future. The ability to paint a distant future with a great detail of clarity is what makes visions inspiring.

In this video David does a great job of this and even though he isn’t bouncing off the walls talking about how great his product is and is going to be, there is subtle passionate and authentic undertone. This undertone connects with people who share similar visions of the future and values. It makes you want to take another look at the application and see what you have been missing.

In the end it comes down to….inspiring action through authentic visions.

February 4, 2013

SuperBowl Ads

$4m for an ad slot during the Superbowl doesn’t come cheap. One of my favorite Superbowl ads of all time is the Volkswagen 2011 commercial. What was your favorite Superbowl ad?

February 2, 2013

Moving beyond creative blocks

-You have to take risks

-You gotta just jump into it sometimes (throw the first punch)

-Don’t get too caught up in trends

-Take failures in stride

-You gotta keep getting back up when you fall

-You gotta ignore naysayers

February 1, 2013

Chapter 1, Scene 1: The Cafe

As I mentioned in my last post, I am embarking on a new project this year, which is to write a book on a journey to product/market fit. The twist that I have added to this, is to make it read more like a story rather than purely a book with tactical advice and strategies. I personally think this should make it a more interesting read, as also help improve and showcase my writing skills.

I will provide periodic updates on my blog from the book as I write it. People who have subscribed to my mailing list for this book will get a front row seat and get regular updates and chapters as they are released. If you are interested please sign up with the link below.

Journey to Product/Market Fit Inside Group

I have written a first draft of the opening scene for my book! It would be great to get feedback and suggestions on whether this sets the stage adequately. I look forward to your thoughts.


I feel numb. Thoughts race through my mind, faster than I can hold on to any of them. I have sat and spent much time in this very cafe, sipping the same lattes countless number of times, all the while thinking about today. The day I would hand in my resignation and finally start pursuing the idea and dream that has been consuming my days and nights for the last 6 months. Suddenly it all seems unreal and for the first time in my life I feel unsure about my future. Everything up to this point of time has fortunately worked out exactly as I have planned for it to but I am now standing on uncharted territory!

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January 31, 2013

January 2013

I have enjoyed writing regularly this month. However, several of my posts this month, have had little or nothing to do with tactical advice on entrepreneurship. The reason for this was that I wanted to address some psychological and meta issues that are actually large stumbling blocks on this journey.

With the start of the new month I want to announce that this year I want and plan to write a short book on “The Journey to Product/Fit” (working title). Instead of writing the book in the form of a more tactical guide I am toying with the idea of writing it as a story. As I have discovered personally, there are several issues along this journey which cannot always be explained with a precise tactical advice.

I want to make this process a lot more interactive and get feedback as I am writing. I will be releasing more information along the way in the coming days. If you are interested in getting on to a list which will give you more access to the book please do subscribe on the link below to get updates.

Journey to Product/Market Fit Inside Group

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