Moving Houses

I recently moved houses. It was a most hectic and stressful week! Those of you who have moved houses several times, will be able to relate to the pains associated with relocating. One goes through a roller coaster of emotions from the dread of packing up , to the exhaustion during the actual moving process, and lastly, to a deep sense of relief once everything has been successfully completed. What really surprises me every time I have moved is how much stuff we collect over the years without realizing. In a way, moving helps you to press the restart button and start afresh.

Life works in a very similar manner. We have a tendency to hold onto our failures, disappointments and fears, longer than we should. Over time, these begin to weigh us down and in this process, also slow us down. We tend to take fewer risks, prefer to play it safe and stay well within our comfort zones. Moving out of a comfort zone is often too difficult.  Such emotions, similar to those I experienced before actually moving, tend to dissuade us from doing anything new and what appears drastic.

Which is why they say, the day we stop growing is the day we stop living! Making changes in life on a recurring basis is a healthy part of ensuring that we continue to live life, rather than drift through it. Each one of us has the potential of achieving greatness in whatever we want to do. The difference between those who do and those who do not, is, that one of them makes the effort, the other does not!

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