Telling Your Story

When meeting new people, it is inevitable after having established a basic rapport, that the question “What do you do?” comes up. I like asking this question along with a follow up question…”How did you get into that?”. It gives the other an opportunity to tell their story while structuring their thoughts around one of the most important decisions they have made in life. Your story speaks volumes about who you are and where you are going.

When I get single word answers such as “Banker” or “Lawyer” with a follow-up such as, “It was the first thing I did after college”, it is almost Iike watching a trailer of a movie you’ve seen, knowing that you do not want to watch the whole movie again. The most telling part in this scenario is that we are each keenly aware of our story and how the telling of it makes us feel. We must also become keenly aware that we have control over the fact that if we really do not like our story, we each have the power and ability to change it, if we really want to!

However, leaving that comfort zone takes courage, effort and a belief in yourself. It is the harder path to take and one where there is a chance that you may end up telling a story you like even less than the one you have today. However, there is an equally large and favorable chance that your new story will be far better than your current one and will turn out to be a trailer that will inspire people to want to watch the whole movie!

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