Living In the Moment

Tomorrow, next week, next month, next year… is easy to forget about living today, in the present, in the hope that tomorrow will be a better day. We wait for things to happen, to come together, because that is when we imagine we will have the opportunity to be happy. The anticipation of what the future may hold stops us from paying attention to all the little moments that are weaving our story in the moment, in the ‘now’!

But right now, these moments, are not stories. It is in this moment alone that we have the ability to slow down, acknowledge and appreciate all that is around us.



2 Comments Living In the Moment

  1. Shama Sheikh

    This is the essence of life Usman…to live…enjoy…be productive in…acknowledge…appreciate…evolve and grow…all in the moment…in the ‘now’! That you have understood this, is a blessing…God bless you always…

  2. Usman Sheikh

    It all started with “Stop and smell the roses”. Took a while to really sink in and I think it still isn’t all the way there.

    I guess everyone comes to their realizations at different points if ever in life. As life becomes faster this is definitely going to become harder. Thank you for being there and helping to notice these things very early on in life.

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