Inspiring Visions

I just finished watching the latest and perhaps last episode of Kevin Roses’s Foundation series. It is a series of interviews with some of the biggest internet/technology entrepreneurs. If you are starting up or in the process of building your company I would highly recommend queuing all the interviews and watching them.

The last interview was with David Morin of Path. A mobile application which is building a personal network for our closest real world connections. What I find fascinating about entrepreneurs which are going after large goals is their view of the future. The ability to paint a distant future with a great detail of clarity is what makes visions inspiring.

In this video David does a great job of this and even though he isn’t bouncing off the walls talking about how great his product is and is going to be, there is subtle passionate and authentic undertone. This undertone connects with people who share similar visions of the future and values. It makes you want to take another look at the application and see what you have been missing.

In the end it comes down to….inspiring action through authentic visions.

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