Adapting to a Changing World

Adapting to a Changing World

James Altucher is a great writer, he has a fantastic blog which will get you hooked and keep you clicking from one story to the next. His latest article “10 Reasons Why You Have to Quit Your Job This Year” is an interesting read. It talks about the seismic shift that is taking place in the world we work in today. Bryan Goldberg also wrote about this shift in its article “Why Young People are Screwed“. The over arching theme in both articles is that traditional career and life paths are sure fire ways to find yourself unemployed or in a job where the chances are high that you will be replaced.

The crux of the problem is that the world is changing very fast and most people do not have access to people who can advise them through this shift.

Parents are not equipped with this knowledge and schools and universities are still teaching outdated material and equipping kids for jobs that became extinct in the last decade. This is creating the largest bubble ever, as most people are not aware of the long term consequences of the decisions they are making today.

The key qualities needed now more than ever before, require us to become proactive and be willing to make mistakes. When paths are not clearly defined, mistakes have to be made in order to help chart a course for others to reference in the future. Currently we were following the path of College -> Job -> Marriage -> House -> Save -> Retire. There was a certainty in this path for most people who followed it. It was given marketing slogans worldwide such as the ‘American Dream’ and it worked really well for the longest time, however, today that path is broken!

Given the information gap, I expect this problem to become far more pronounced in the coming years. Earlier this month, I wrote a blog post which talks about the advice I give to people who are confused about the career paths they should be taking. In the end, we have to take responsibilities for our own lives if we want to have any stake in the direction we take. This is not a time to follow outdated advice blindly, question the status quo, ask yourself where you want to go, above all, have the courage to create new path for yourself!

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