January 2013

I have enjoyed writing regularly this month. However, several of my posts this month, have had little or nothing to do with tactical advice on entrepreneurship. The reason for this was that I wanted to address some psychological and meta issues that are actually large stumbling blocks on this journey.

With the start of the new month I want to announce that this year I want and plan to write a short book on “The Journey to Product/Fit” (working title). Instead of writing the book in the form of a more tactical guide I am toying with the idea of writing it as a story. As I have discovered personally, there are several issues along this journey which cannot always be explained with a precise tactical advice.

I want to make this process a lot more interactive and get feedback as I am writing. I will be releasing more information along the way in the coming days. If you are interested in getting on to a list which will give you more access to the book please do subscribe on the link below to get updates.

Journey to Product/Market Fit Inside Group

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