Have you used DropBox?

DropBox is simply a file sharing tool with a drag and drop interface similar to native OS applications. I heard about DropBox a while back, initially during their launch and inception and Y-Combinator, and then through the acclaim it won at Techcrunch 50. At first I thought I did not need a file storage service as I was already with a ton of services where my files were hosted, and I could share them fairly easily. However, that was the problem! I had my files in way too many places, and the notion of logging into those services, uploading the files and then making relevant changes to those files was becoming increasingly more challenging. This facility has however turned out to be one of those services whose utility you only find out about once you start using the application. I recently got onto DropBox, I have been blown away by its simplistic setup and its seamless syncing capabilities across multiple machines.

Here are some reasons why getting a dropbox will make your life easier.

1. Sharing photographs and large files with multiple family members just became a whole lot easier. Sure everyone uses facebook, flickr etc. However, downloading higher res photographs and simply uploading them, making the folder shareable over Dropbox, is truly amazing.

2. Working with multiple partners remotely on several documents one at a time is challenging, sending files over skype, time and time again, gets really irritating. Working with DropBox to collaboratively work together on projects has made life a lot easier.

3. DropBox essentially creates a central repository for your critical data. For instance, you could upload all your proposals, invoices and other critical documents to DropBox, and access them from multiple platforms, your pc, laptop and mobile phone. It also makes it really easy for the rest of your team to access the most up-to-date documents without worrying about using a USB stick etc.

These are just some of the advantages I recently experienced using this service. If you work remotely with a team that is geographically spread out, I would highly recommend getting yourself a DropBox.

Are you already using DropBox? How have you used the service to make your business more efficient?

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