Dealing with Curve Balls

Every once in a while life throws something at us, when we least expect it. Sometimes, it makes you lose your balance, and fall off the path you were hell bent on pursuing. Sometimes, it is a necessary reality check, to help us re-focus on the things that really do mean a lot to us. In every curve ball that has come my way, I have found a much needed reality check, to help me understand what I am doing and where I am headed. The whole notion of maintaining balance in your life and entrepreneurship continues to baffle, and often elude me. Although I do get shot down with curve balls, every time I find myself on the floor, I can’t wait to get up again and do it that much better the next time around.

Entrepreneurship is akin to a highly addictive drug, and has the capability of consuming you inside out. It does sometimes cause us to lose perception on some the larger building blocks of a normal life. Those of us who take this path have to make this choice. It does make me realize, that if you actually find something to do every single day, that you are passioonate about, even if you don’t get paid for it; the imbalance often seems worth it. We are all trapped and part of a world where we are trained from very young ages, to be someone, or achieve something. Essentially, we are more often then not, trained to be just another brick in
the wall. This path does not however train us adequately to deal with curve balls, when they come our way (albeit at a lower frequency due to the relatively balanced lifestyle). However, when they do come, we get hit fairly hard, more so since we are not expecting them, and many a time we do not have a good enough reason to stand up again.

Dealing effectively with curve balls, comes with experience. It requires us to fall, it is true, but only to stand up stronger. The first couple of times it hurts a lot, and we begin to ask ourselves fundamental questions regarding our purpose in life, and what we are actually doing. They force us to evaluate where we are, and where we want to be. In my experience, the people who are able to get up faster, are those who have found something to hold on to. Call it passion, love or the thrill of winning. The deal is, you need to get into the game, rather than sitting by the sidelines watching life pass you by.

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