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January 15, 2013

Giving Your Users a Voice

There was a great article on Fast Company about the advice that Tumblr’s founder gave a new entrepreneur who was publicly launching his startup. “What made Tumblr Tumblr was that in its first years, we just focused on our core small 1% set of users, who were creating most of our content and really loved - Read More -

September 29, 2012

Launching Discover Match

Connecting the right person with a job opportunity I am convinced would be suitable for them, is amongst the things that drives and motivates me! At IDENTIFI we are building a suite of services that helps us scale the rate at which we can make these connections happen. The statistic that more than 77% of people go home daily unfulfilled with the work they do, is a fact that gets me out of bed every morning with a yearning and drive to reverse this statistic!

Generation Y is the major segment of society that we assist and work with. Our research has shown that company culture, people and the workspace are critical components in decisions to take up particular opportunities. In light of this, we are in the initial phases of launching a new service called Discover Match. It provides companies with an attractive platform to display their company culture, people and workspace. This space helps companies attract talent to apply directly as well as follow the company for future updates.

March 21, 2011

Identifii – What sort of person am I?

This is a guest post of an interview that I did with Phil O’Brien – an entrepreneur exploring the value of Personal Networks. He has a very interesting blog and I would highly recommend taking a look at it. In my exploration of Personal Networks, I’ve come to the conclusion that the process starts with - Read More -

February 4, 2011

Measuring through Dashboards

If you cannot measure something, improving it becomes close to impossible. Collecting key data metrics that assist you in understanding what is working and what is not, is critical to success. Dashboards are a great way to collect all this critical data in one place, to constantly review incoming information and make real time decisions - Read More -

January 13, 2011

3 Key Startup Questions

The early stages of business, are the most challenging of times, times that need to be overcome. When we start out with an “idea”, we have a set of assumptions that need validating. One of the most critical errors made at this point is assuming that all your assumptions are correct and building a product - Read More -

January 10, 2011

Building a Product Users Love

Phil Libin from Evernote was one of the first mentors we had at the Founder Institute. His talk at the institute was one of my favorites. If you are planning on building a product I would highly recommend watching the videos below for inspiration and ways on how to approach your product development path.

January 5, 2010

Have you used DropBox?

DropBox is simply a file sharing tool with a drag and drop interface similar to native OS applications. I heard about DropBox a while back, initially during their launch and inception and Y-Combinator, and then through the acclaim it won at Techcrunch 50. At first I thought I did not need a file storage service - Read More -