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February 7, 2013

Our Dreams

Dreams. Dreams are aspirations in the form of guides that push our imagination. Nothing is out of our grasp. When we close our eyes, we can be anyone or anywhere we choose to be. As we keep moving forward in life, our dreams keep evolving. They are reflections of our subconscious, our hopes and our - Read More -

January 23, 2013

Application Tracking Systems are Dead

I am going to be blogging regularly at DiscoverMatch as well during the week. Will cross post some of the more pertinent articles on my personal blog. ——————— The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) market is more than 20 years old. In it’s original incarnation these systems were designed to help with workflow optimization and document - Read More -

August 29, 2011

Updates from IDENTIFII

The last couple of months have been a blur. The small team behind the scene at IDENTIFII has been working ridiculously hard on creating a very high quality psychometric instrument for our members. We dove head first into the task, not totally aware of the huge complexities behind what we had endeavored to do. A - Read More -