The Week in Review #8: Secret Core of Every Business

This week’s top article was a series I came across on medium where the author does a great job of collecting a host of the best links about a certain topic and then puts together a thorough article. Highly recommend checking out the other articles he has written in the past as well.

The Secret Core of Every Successful Business: Distribution Many businesses end up building a product or successfully setting up the ability to provide a service. However the reason the vast majority of them fail is their inability to find and reach customers efficiently. This article provides a wealth of information on how to create distribution channels and reach your customers.

Leading without Coding In an era where software is eating the world, non-technical founders have to step up their game. This article written by a successful startup founder provides 6 great insights of how a non-technical founder can lead a technology company. From learning the lingo to ensuring that key hiring and management processes are put into place.

The Three Dimensions Of Content Marketing Strategy For Startups When we think of a companies content strategy, one may limit it to blogging or the creation of marketing material. This processes breaks it down into 3 core dimensions that every company needs to focus on. These include being sensitive to different target segments, looking through all your content touch points as well determining the lifecycle stage of the customer.

The False Market Fit It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking you know what a customer wants, without validating the idea with them first. I have made that mistake before and it is definitely a very painful one. Customer validation is by far one of the most important aspects of starting a business. By making something that people want we are giving ourselves a better shot of building a business with legs. It sounds simple, yet day in and day out businesses all over the world are started on invalid assumptions.

The Chaos Theory Of Startups Running a startup requires an individual to be able to handle a high degree of chaos. If you are solely focused on outcomes and not the process, you are setting yourself up for a high probability of failure. Only through a purpose are we able to cut through all the noise and make decisions that will enable us to make sense of it all.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Secrets to Raising Venture Capital (Presentation) This is a great presentation on Software as a Service startups and the process of how to successfully raise money for them.

4 Entrepreneurial Strategies For Getting The Most Out of a New City With startup hubs sprouting up all over the world, many people are relocating to these cities to have the opportunity to join or start one. The process of building your network in a new city and especially getting connected to the startup ecosystem requires a considerable amount of work. This article points out 4 methods that you can use to get connected much faster.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

Our Dreams

Dreams. Dreams are aspirations in the form of guides that push our imagination. Nothing is out of our grasp. When we close our eyes, we can be anyone or anywhere we choose to be. As we keep moving forward in life, our dreams keep evolving. They are reflections of our subconscious, our hopes and our deepest fears and desires.

Translating these dreams is what separates the dreamers from the doers. Taking action goes hand in hand with the ability to close your eyes and imagine what it should be. It is too easy to blame circumstances. Nothing worth fighting for comes easily. Throwing in the towel when the going gets tough is the easy way out. Getting up after falling repeatedly, is what makes us stronger and our journey definitive.

In the end, it all comes down to taking responsibility for your dreams. Matching the ambition to the effort is essential to help make your dreams come true. When taking and making these hard decisions and sacrifices, you need to…

“Look in the mirror and ask, ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?”

Steve Jobs



Application Tracking Systems are Dead

I am going to be blogging regularly at DiscoverMatch as well during the week. Will cross post some of the more pertinent articles on my personal blog.


The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) market is more than 20 years old. In it’s original incarnation these systems were designed to help with workflow optimization and document management. The primary and only user was the HR Administrative, as these systems involved large amounts of data entry. Over time more recruiters begin to use these systems and feature creep started to build. Fast forward to today, it is not uncommon to hear these very same recruiters complain “Our ATS is too slow”, “Candidate Information is out of date”, “Adding candidates takes forever”, “It takes 5 clicks to add a single comment” and many more such experiences.

When you build on top of a legacy system and bolt on new features without thinking about the repercussions of the end user experience, you are bound to reach such a point….

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Updates from IDENTIFII

The last couple of months have been a blur. The small team behind the scene at IDENTIFII has been working ridiculously hard on creating a very high quality psychometric instrument for our members. We dove head first into the task, not totally aware of the huge complexities behind what we had endeavored to do. A commonplace occurrence in the world of startups!

Not withstanding the difficulties and challenges that we faced during these last few months, the team has prevailed. With the help of industry experts, psychologists and researchers we have found all the answers we were looking for! It is amazing what one can achieve when a collective mind is put to it!

The new assessment called PIR (Personality Identifier Report) helps individuals understand themselves over 20 personality traits. This detailed report was created with simplicity in mind to ensure that everyone is able to understand all the measures and derive maximum benefit from it.

The report highlights your tendencies, which is a powerful tool in helping identify parts of your personality, defining your strengths as well as other aspects which may be limiting your growth.

In our last assessment, we were constantly asked for the next step individuals could take to improve themselves. We listened attentively and this new report comes complete with a list of next steps to amplify strengths and work on gaps.

To ensure reliability and validity of the report, we require a minimum of a 100 participants from each country before we can do a mass roll out.

If you are an early adopter, like to give honest feedback, I would strongly encourage you to support IDENTIFII by heading over to – to register your interest and support your individual countries.

Looking forward to your support and feedback in the coming weeks!