Research: Customer Engagement Strategies

I was doing some research on customer engagement strategies and as usual, the information is spread over far too many sources. Listed below is my initial research finding, on strategies and articles that readers may find interesting when learning more about this subject. As the opening video states, there has been a fundamental shift in the way we are interacting with brands and building relationships with them. 

Building a meaningful customer engagement strategy is something that every business owner needs to think about. It is all about building meaningful relationships with your customers and having a deep understanding of their needs and requirements. One needs to have detailed statistics about who they are, what media channels they follow and what their ultimate goals are. 

If any reader has any other insight or material that may be useful in this space, please do leave links to relevant content below. 

Alternatively, I have opened a question on Quora as well for those who are interested in replying.

Quora: What are some customer engagement strategies for web services? Answer:


Starbucks: Building Meaningful Customer Engagement, by Alexandra Wheeler and Matthew Guiste

How To Optimize Customer Engagement – Emily Riley – Sept 15, 2010


Engagement Loops The Levers And Metrics Of Engagement – Eric Ries


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Quotes & Statistics:

According to Internet Retailer, websites that include product videos sell up to 45% more.

A study conducted by Kelsey Group found that 55% of people who view an online video will visit the company’s website and 24% of them make a purchase as a result of watching the video.

Yellow Pages and Internet Retailer reports that visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not.

Embedding video in email campaigns has been shown to increase click-through rates by over 96%.

Email newsletters (72%), presence on social networks (48%) and micro-blogging (46%) are the tactics most likely to result in a tangible improvement to companies‟ online customer engagement.

Significantly more companies than last year are planning to increase investment in user generated content (+13%), on-site branded communities/forums (+9%) and rich on-page interactive experiences (+8%).

The vast majority of company respondents (73%) are planning to invest in the mobile channel in 2011. This compares to 60% who said they planned mobile investment at the same stage a year ago.

Customer Acquisition Strategies

I am in the process of building a slide deck these days and was doing some research online for slide decks that dealt with the issue of customer acquisition & marketing. I have attached some of the best ones that I found here. Will continue to update this repository.

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