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June 4, 2011

Great People Do Great Things

I am a huge fan of Mark Suster. His blog is a treasure chest of ideas and lessons learned. If you aren’t subscribed to his blog and you are an entrepreneur, you are missing out. Here is a great video which talks about pitching to VC’s and the approach you should take. With the market - Read More -

April 28, 2011

Anatomy of Seed Funding

Anatomy of Seed View more presentations from brendanbaker Great presentation for startups currently looking for funding. What sources have worked out for you and which ones have not?

March 3, 2011

How to Make Money in 6 Steps

How to Make Money in 6 Steps - Jason Fried I am not a fan of subject headings like the one above. It tends to trivialize the process of generating revenue. Which is very far from the truth. I read the article because it is written by someone I am a big fan of, Jason Fried. - Read More -

January 21, 2011

Three Types of Deals VC’s Do

Charlie O’Donnell is a partner at First Round Capital and he has some awesome posts up on his blog. He also did a startup called Path 101, which is in a similar place to what we want to do with Identifii. I was reading through his blog post, The three types of deals that VCs - Read More -

January 19, 2011

Pitching to VC’s

It is my last class at the Founders Institute today. Can’t believe 4 months have just passed me by. I will be recapping the entire journey over this weekend with a post. Today, we will have the opportunity to pitch to Angel and Professional investors. Exciting times! I linked to Mark Susters post on pitching - Read More -

January 11, 2011

How to Raise Venture Capital

Mark Suster writes one of my favorite blogs on venture capital & entrepreneurship. He also has a weekly web show on venture capital which is a much-watch for entrepreneurs. His latest web show broke down the process of how to pitch to a venture capitalist. It is a great show and gives a lot of - Read More -

July 29, 2010

How Much Do You Need to Raise?

“The Question is Why” The Founders | TechStars Boulder | Episode 1 from TechStars on Vimeo. I watched the latest episode of “The Founders” a short while back, this is definitely a series I would recommend to everyone, specially entrepreneurs. This series gives you a sneak peak at the ‘behind the scenes’ ¬†scenario of an - Read More -

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