Jason Fried on Design

One of the companies I greatly admire is 37signals. This company has a suite of business productivity products that I use every day for the projects that I manage.

In this video, he talks about the design methodology behind the building of their products. That is something I have drawn great inspiration from in building Identifii. I hope to be able to stick to focusing on the components that are necessary and not over thinking the unimportant things.

Lean User Experience

I have become a user experience fanatic. It is one of those areas where I am personally putting in a lot of time to learn fundamentals. For those who are wondering what User Experience (UX) Design is:

UX design is how a website or piece of software works, how humans interact with it, the information architecture, usability, etc. If done incorrectly, the user feels frustrated, cannot find the right buttons or does not go where he/she is supposed to. To counter this, UX designers use sound, colors, architecture and visual layouts to ensure the user completes a required action.

The best picture that I have ever seen describe this principle is: