Giving Back

Last week I had the opportunity to have three conversations with individuals looking to apply to the Founder Institute and who have solid ideas going into the program. The best part about having been through the cycle of taking an idea and building it into something is that you can help others save a lot of time and anguish by helping them correct fundamental errors in the beginning.

I literally lose track of time when talking about startups, entrepreneurship and new product development methodologies, particularly when it involves another fellow entrepreneur who is just starting his/her journey. Giving back without expecting anything in return helps one achieve a true sense of fulfillment in what one does.

I am extremely thankful for the week I have just had. Regardless of all the ups and downs that one experiences during a typical startup week, you know it was all worth it when you are able to help a couple of people out. If you are launching a new startup or thinking about one and want to bounce your idea off me, please drop me a note at blog (at) usmansheikh (dot) com. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible!