The Week in Review #6: Founder/Product Fit

My favorite article of the week was on Founder/Product fit. It is an important concept that I have come to understand a lot better over the years. When choosing to start a business, we are making a very large time commitment. One that could span decades, it is therefore critical that we spend the time upfront thinking about the choice before we make one.

Founder/Product Fit There is a lot of talk about product / market fit, however many people overlook the more important aspect which is whether there is a fit between the founder and the product he/she is building. This step is usually skipped with the presumption that the opportunity will enable the founder to develop the level of fit needed.

Answer this question & you’ll get unlimited funding for your startup Another great post by Jason on how to structure your pitch to investors correctly. It all comes down to understanding the motivations and aspirations of your customer, whether it be fund raising or selling your product/service to a customer.

At some start-ups, Friday is so casual that it’s not even a workday Treehouse is a company whose mission is to bring computer science education to the masses. With 100,000+ subscribers the company continues to grow at a staggering pace. However behind all of those achievement is a 4 day work week that prioritizes work life balance. Interesting read on how that changes the dynamic at work.

The Future of Organization (Presentation) I am fascinated with how the structure of organizations is rapidly changing around us. From the rapid rise of remote work to concepts of holacracy which promotes a flat organization with no managers. This presentation brings forth several key factors that are determining the future of the organization.

The Rule of 40% For a Healthy SaaS Company Brad Feld puts forward a great financial ratio that can be used specifically for companies who operate a subscription as a service model. It has always been tricky to correctly balance growth, costs and profit. The article provides a framework that will be very useful for companies in the industry.

The Striking Similarities Between Teachers and Start-up CEOs Jack Ma who is the founder of Alibaba was an English teacher before he started his company. The author walks us through 5 commonalities between the two career paths and they show a striking resemblance to one another.

The Impending Opportunity in Real Estate Technology The marriage of the real estate market and technology has always been fascinating to watch. This article breaks down where future integrations of the two will be taking us and the opportunities that lie ahead for entrepreneurs willing to take the risk.

Tension: The secret sauce of brand building This post was written by the design director at IDEO and it talks primarily about brand personalities. It is a great read for anyone who is thinking about their brand and what it means to their customers.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!