Reviving My Blog

On the last day of every month I find myself doing a recap of all the things that I have achieved as well as those I have not been able to achieve during this period. It helps to setup right priorities for the coming month with each subsequent review making the next month easier. Those of you who follow the GTD method will find this exercise a familiar one.

I was quite surprised to discover that we were more than half way through the year today. The last quarter has been an exceptionally busy one with a host of things happening all at once! I have been truly experiencing the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur and quite frankly loving it. I am fortunate enough to be doing something I love everyday, as well as working with people who share the same ideals and having a great time doing it in the bargain!

The saying that, life is not a sprint but a marathon, has started to make far more sense to me lately. I was most definitely in the sprinting category but of late I have had to adjust my pace to ensure that I don’t run out of steam. In the end, what makes more and more sense is that if you are an entrepreneur it is really all about endurance, perseverance and the ability to adapt rapidly. I do believe these three qualities are critical and definitive if you want to succeed in almost anything in life!

My blog has been through one of the longest periods of not being updated. I hope to make it up to everyone by posting at least a few times a week again.

Wishing everyone all the very best for the last two quarters of 2011!